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scream Methodology

Good History, Science or Art?

Certainty and Ancient History

Hagee, McCain and History Methodology (Feb 2008)

Conflict Analysis and Reza Aslan (Feb 2007)

Making Something of Facts

scream Histories from Ancient to Modern

Original Meaning of Freedom

Starting Over

What is Civilization, a criticism of Will Durant (July 16, 2009)

Abraham in Mesopotamia

Wisdom and Antiquity (October 17, 2010)

Karl Rove versus Protagoras

Political Decline in Ancient Rome(February 23, 2011)

Fall of Rome

Race-mixing and Decline

Zealots and Marie Antoinette (June 26, 2010)

Enlightenment and the French Revolution (July 22, 2013)

Heroes and Great Men

Origins of the Great War

Most important person in the 20th Century?

Murders and the Communist Manifesto

Morality and Passion

The Origins of Fascism

Why Hitler?

No Hitler, No War?

Heroics and Lidice

Churchill's Pearl Harbor Warning

Japan, Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor

Germany's War to Defeat Communism

The Greatest Generation

War and Presidents Truman and Johnson

Tolerance and the Cold War

Credit for the Fall of Communism

The Middle East's Forgotten Refugees

Why Did Slavery Last So Long?

The 1960s viewed by the conservative George H. Nash

Niall Ferguson and the West's Death Spiral

A righteous Iranian hardliner in the year 2015

scream A Few 20th Century Mistakes

Germany's Mistakes in 1914

British and French Offensives in 1915-16

Negotiations versus Victory

Blundering to Bolshevism


Britain, France and Italy at the Peace Conference in 1919

France Contributes to the Rise of Hitler

President Hindenburg

An Alliance against Aggression

Hitler's Mistakes

Victory in Europe

Bombing Monte Cassino

Victory in the Pacific

War in Korea, 1950-53

Stalin's Mistakes

A Less than Perfect United Nations

Saving Vietnam

scream A Clash of Civilizations?

Clash of Civilizations versus Conflicts among Muslims – revisited (Dec 24, 2012)

Islamic Civilization and Diffusion (Jul 31, 2007)

Clash of Civilizations – a Bad Idea (November 12, 2010)

Jihad for a New Caliphate (2008)

Should Americans Fear Islam? (Oct 4, 2010)

Debate on Islam: So What? (Oct 12, 2010)

scream War

Success and War: World War II to Afghanistan (Feb 1, 2011)

War and Capitalism (Oct 20, 2007)

Horror, Hamburg and 9/11 (Sep 11, 2002)


Mistakes, War and Reason

Wisdom and Military Power

Military experience and political wisdom (Jul 23, 2008)

Victors and History

Understanding War (Dec 25, 2008)

War or Peace, Violence or Non-Violence

Violence versus Non-Violence (February 2012)

Victor Davis Hanson and World War I

Military Bases around the World


What If?

scream Syria, 2011-12

Asssad, Violence and Arendt (Oct 25, 2011)

Civil War in Syria (February 22, 2012)

Syria and the Caution of Outsiders (February 28, 2012)

Dealing with Assad (March 2012)

Power Corrupts Bashar and Asma al-Assad (March 25, 2012)

Henry Kissinger and Syria (March 31, 2012)

Failed Negotiations and Violence (April 2, 2012)

Syria and Erica Chenoweth (April 2, 2012)

Assad's Power (April 4, 2012)

Assad's Illusions (April 14, 2012)

Syria: Vapid Descriptions from the Ivory Tower (June 12, 2012)

Assad the Despised (July 9, 2012)

Damascus Offensive (July 24, 2012)

Former Assad supporter in Damascus (July 29, 2012)

Kofi Annan's Plan for Syria, a Fantasy? (March 8 to September 19, 2012)

scream Population Growth

Montana, the Last Best Place (Nov 12, 2008)

Population Growth (2005-06)

scream Miscellaneous Ahistorical Stuff

OJ and Oscar (February 16-20, 2013)

Earl Skruggs (March 30, 2012)

Teaching Speech