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Dealing with Assad

When has an autocrat allowed himself to be sweet-talked out of power? Mubark was abandoned by his military. Assad isn't about to be abandoned by his military. And Assad's murderous aggressions are not about to be stayed by elections. If Assad suddenly accepted the democracy option it would be demise for him, his family and his cronies. Assad needs protection from people seeking revenge, people who want to see him dead or hauled before a system of justice. It is unlikely that Assad will do an about face regarding the threat to his power. His instinct is to fight back. He no doubt fears that if he halts his aggressions it will strengthen those devoted to his demise. If this is so, people like Kofe Annan and those dreaming of talks settling the conflict in Syria are wasting their time. They are contributing to giving Assad more time to crush those who have become his enemies.

The question is whether the international community is going to allow this to happen. It is not impossible that the ruthless dictator Assad with the help of his ally Iran and a rotten propaganda machine can win.

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