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Hitler's Mistakes

Hitler was correct in his sense that Germany had been wronged at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, but he was wrong about who was responsible for Germany's loss of the war. He was passionate in his patriotism, but erred in targeting those he labelled as traitors. And he was mistaken about the Jews. The Jews were not a race. The Jews were not an enemy of the German people or nation. Germany had challenges, but it was not in a life and death struggle revolving around race or the Jews.

Hitler was not the right man to correct the mistakes of the victors at the the Paris Peace conference. He didn't put the power of will in balance with circumstances. He was too confident that Germany's skills, including military skills, and the will power of the German people would assure him a military victory against the Soviet Union, Britain and the United States. He misjudged the Soviet Union's power, claiming that kicking in its door would bring the whole rotten structure crashing to the ground. Going to war against other big powers was a gamble, and Hitler lacked a good gambler's ability to realistically assess. Hindsight tells us that the German nation would have fared better if he had held to the gains he had made before September 1939. He could have chosen patience and negotiations to undo what remained of the Peace Treaty of 1919. But that was not Hitler. He wanted to undo Germany's humiliation of 1918, and he was not a temperate or patient man.

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