The World before 1000 BCE

Billions of Yearsfrom the earth's beginning to human species

Dinosaurs, Birds, and Changea focus on the Triasic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods

Genes, Aging and Evolutioncreature biologies

Biology, the Brain and Historydistribution of differences among humans

Origins of Warbeginning with tribal raiding

Origins of Religionhunter-gatherers try to understand their world

Population Growth, Harvest Gods and Sacrificesagriculture, animal and human sacrifices

Civilization in Mesopotamia

Class, Power and War among the Sumerians politics, education and women in Mesopotamia to 2400 BCE

Sumerian Polytheism, Sin and a Great Flood the polytheistic tradition with a new culture of priesthood

Sargon the Great, Sumerians and Babylon, to 1800 BCE salt and agriculture and invasion of the Amorites

Sumerian Culture and Hammurabi at Babylon the great law maker, more rise and fall

Arrival of Hittites, Hurrians and Kassitesmore conquests in Mesopotamia

Hittites, Asyrians and AramaeansMesopotamia to 1050 BCE, diffusions and pollution

Beginning Science and the GodsIn Babylon people systematize measurement

Babylonian Myths of Creation and a Great Floodthe retelling of Sumerian stories

Biblical Hebrews in conflict with their Neighbors

Wars to Samson and the Canaaniststhe biblical Hebrews in conflict with their neighbors

Samuel, Saul, and the Rise of Davidthe First and Second Books of Samuel

Hebrew Ideology before the time of David Abraham; Moses and the Ten Commandments

Egypt and Civilization in North Africa

Agriculture and Herding in Northern Africa before climate change and the Berbers

Agriculture and Power Politics along the Nileauthoritarian rule, privilege and war to 2130 BCE

Ideology and Myth in Egyptmyths dominate Egypt and its politics

Succession Problems to Egypt's 12th Dynastyclass hatred, restored order and ideological adjustments

Conquest by Hyksos, Egyptian Expansion, Ramses II and Moseshumiliation and attempts at grandeur

Civilization in the Indus Valley

Civilization of Mohenjo-daro and Harappato the squatter period and squatter disappearance

Aryans Invade, Conquer and Make War in the Indus Valleywaves of pastoralists into the Indus Valley

Aryans, beginning Hinduism and the VedasHinduism's origins and oral history

Civilization on the North China Plain

Shang Dynasty and Empireconqust, religion and sacrifice

From Shang to the Zhou DynastyThe pastrol Zhou overthrow the Shang dynasty

Europe, Asia-Pacific, Americas

Civilization to Europe and Greece's Dark Ageagriculture, the Mycenae Greeks to a Dark Age

Migrations into Southeast Asia and Oceania Mons, Malays, Micronesians, Polynesians and Australians

Agriculture, Sacrifices and Civilization in the Americas Tehuacan Valley, Olmecs, and north of the Rio Grande