The World before 1000 BCE

Billions of Yearsfrom the earth's beginning to human species

Dinosaurs, Birds, and Changea focus on the Triasic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods

Genes, Aging and Evolutioncreature biologies

Biology, the Brain and Historydistribution of differences among humans

Origins of Warbeginning with tribal raiding

Primal Religion hunter-gatherers try to understand their world

Inequality Relations between men and women and the rise of property

Population Growth, Harvest Gods and Sacrificesagriculture, animal and human sacrifice


Civilization in Mesopotamia Sumerians, a flood, Sargon, Hammurabi, Babylon, Hittites, Asyrians and Kassites

Egypt and Civilization in North Africa Berbers, authoritarianism, myth, upheaval, Hyksos, Egyptian expansion, Ramses II

Biblical Hebrews, from Abraham to DavidBiblical stories, archeology and theories of historical reality

Civilization in the Indus ValleyMohenjo-daro, squatters, invasions, war, Hinduism and the Vedas

Civilization on the North China Plain Shang Dynastry to the Zhou Dynasty

Civilization to Europeagriculture, the Mycenae Greeks, Minoans, and a Dark Age

Migrations into SE Asia and Oceaniato Australia, the Austronesians, Micronesia, Melanesia, Tonga and Samoa

Agriculture and Sacrifices in the Americasnorth of the Rio Grande, Tehuacán Valley, the Olmecs, South America