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Germany's war to Defeat Communism

During the Cold War some believed that it was unfortunate that the Germany had not succeeded in defeating the Soviet Union and destroying Stalinist Communism. One was teaching at Fresno State College in the late 1950s. He had been an officer in one of the German armies that invaded the Soviet Union, and he told his students that Hitler's one big mistake was what he did to the Jews, as if the invasion was okay.

A German character on trial in the film Judgment at Nuremberg justified himself by saying something to the effect that you persecute us today, the Communists will get you tomorrow. He too was justifying Hitler's invasion.

It was for the people of the Soviet Union to change the politics they were living with, not Hitler, the Germans and their allies the Romanians and Spanish fascists. It contributed to an increase in Stalin's power. It killed more than ten million Soviet citizens 4.3 million Germans, and more. Eventually it would be the people of the Soviet Union who would change their society politically.

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