Bits of History

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Sparta Turns Victory into Defeat

A Market-Based Fire Department – Ancient Rome

Puritans, Quakers and Rumors, in England

A Reluctance to Resist

Assassination and Fatalism, 1914

Military Necessity, 1914

More Deaths to Justify Previous Deaths, 1914

Overreaction to Ireland's Easter Rising, 1916

President Wilson Withdraws from Mexico. 1916

General Nivelle's Inability to Admit Failure, 1917

President Wilson Agrees to Go to War, 1917

General Ludendorff Chooses Victory, 1918

War and Unintended Consequences, 1927

An Unrealistic Communist Response to Electoral Failure, 1932

Pacifism and Failure to Keep the Peace, 1938

An Arrogance of Power Regarding Korea

Eisenhower and the Korean War, 1953

President de Gaulle chooses Withdrawal,1962

Fear and Negotiations, 1963

Tolerance among Black Activists, 1966-67

Victims Need A Large Dose of Measure, 1995

President Clinton and the War in Bosnia, 1995

Withdrawal and Enemy Opinion, 2005