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Small Minds and a Lack of Measure


General Raton Mladic

The Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic took a BBC correspondent around his home village in Bosnia and showed him every location where he said 101 people from his own extended family had lived before they were slaughtered by a pro-Nazi band of Muslim fighters during World War II. Muslims had been among those who supported the fascist occupation of Serbs lands during World War II. Fast-forward to the 1992-95 and the war by Serbs against Muslims in Bosnia. Under the command of General Mladic, Serb forces defied UN imperatives by overrunning and occupying the UN safe-areas of Srebrenica and Zepa. At Srebrenica over 40,000 who had sought safety there were expelled and an estimated 8,300 were executed, allegedly on Mladic's order.