Kimveer Gill (1981-2006)

Kimveer Gill

Kimveer Gill

The ancient Greek Epicurus believed that life was worth living. Kimveer Gill of Quebec wrote that life sucks. Gill was 25 but not far removed from an infant's lack of empathy and its egocentricity. He disliked people in general for being deceivers, manipulators and ill-mannered. He defined people with the grossest of profanity. He disliked their cruelty to animals. He disliked capitalists, "Republican racist homophobes," and "goody two shoes ... religious people who think they know everything." School, he wrote, sucks, and work sucks. He had not pursued an interest in making himself useful to society. He joked that he disliked "all those who oppose my rule."

Gill went on a shooting spree, alone on a college campus in Montreal, killing one woman and injuring nineteen. It was a violent one-against-all spend-all for immediate satisfaction power trip. Epicurus believed in enduring, smelling the roses and friendship. Gill went out at 25 smelling burned gunpowder, friendless and disconnected.

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