I was looking for an impartial source of history. I'm still looking. According to your news article on the economy (Some of those selling when the Dow was below 8200 had to be anti-Obama pessimists.) you must be pro-Obama optimists. A normal recession will last two years. Obama has spent 6% of the stimulus package so far. If he doesn't hurry up, the economy will recover with out him. Your view of history must also be from a left-eye view as well. I did not see that stated on your home page.



I do have biases, but in trying to gather what happened I don't rely on anyone from the Left or the Right to tell me the whole truth about anything. I believe in looking to variety and to conflicting views and thinking for myself. This is a better approach than looking for "an impartial source of history." I wonder whether I have ever read an impartial historian. About the economy, I've merely made an observation about SOME pessimists having sold stock when the Dow was down in the low 8000s. Not much bias in that statement. But in my head is a bias to the degree that I believe that those who sold when the Dow was close to 8000, like those who sold when the Dow was down around 6400, were too pessimistic. And I believe that an exaggerated pessimism discourages people from taking all the money still in mattresses – so to speak – and helping the economy by putting it back into circulation.