Dear Mr. Smitha, you web site www.fsmitha.com now for years is a source of information related to the World History for me and many of my friends. That is why, your opinions on world events are very important for me. In your note about August 7 you are mentioning an anniversary of Russian-Georgian war. Though I myself can have a biased opinions on the issue I still wanted to suggest a link to the information about a book, published recently, on that issue:

http://www.silkroadstudies.org/new/inside/publications/Guns.html (LINK NO LONGER WORKS)

And a report by the Defense Committee of the House of Commons of Great Britain:


I fully understand, that it can be not a priority for you to try to get this book or read this information at all, but I hope, that, if you do, you will have a broader view on the events of that August and the Russian-Georgian relations.

Respectfully, Valentine Gogichashvili