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Waziristan, North and South, are two of Pakistan’s seven semi-autonomous tribal areas. The Wazirs are Pashtuns who migrated from central Afghanistan. The Wazirs a cluster of about sixty families. They are Pashtuns. No invader, Alexander the Great, the British or the government of Pervez Musharraf, has managed to control the Wazirs

The Wazirs’ are vehemently Muslim. The region is populated by Taliban supporters and a haven for al Qaeda Muslims from various countries. From Waziristan, combatants pass into Afghanistan and assault U.S., Afghan and coalition forces. In June 2004 in Waziristan an air assault by an unmanned aircraft targeted and killed the charismatic young Pashtun and al Qaeda leader, Nek Mohammed. His grave became a shrine. In 2006, Intense hostility toward the U.S. and President Bush continued to dominate the people of Waziristan. 

An assault against Waziristan ordered by Pakistan's President Musharraf would be political suicide and his demise. Musharraf, an ally of the U.S. in its war against terror, moves cautiously and patiently regarding Waziristan, his goal appeasement and long range. More U.S. air strikes in Waziristan are not welcomed because they inflame the passions of Muslims across Pakistan.