Notes 1945 to 21st Century

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4.  This is the branch of England's royal family that came from the House of Battenberg. During World War I, with much anti-German passion in England, the Battenberg's in England changed their name to Mountbatten. 

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26.  According to Manuel Castells, End of Millennium, Volume III, Second Edition, p 26, in the 1980s the Soviet Union compared to the United States was producing 80 percent more steel, 78 percent more cement, 42 percent more oil and twice as much pig iron.

27.  This involved government ownership of big manufacturing, banking, transportation, and energy production, working on the basis of profit and loss, supply and demand (market socialism) while private enterprise was allowed in agriculture and elsewhere in the economy.

28.  In 1975, A committee led by Senator Frank Church of Idaho investigated the CIA and suggested CIA involvement, but the committee did not find Trujillo's death the result of CIA actions. It is also said that Trujillo had become an embarrassment to the US and that the assassins had had the clandestine support of US authorities.

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