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List of Roman Emperors from Diocletian to Zeno

284-305 Diocletian. Soldier. Abdicates in 305.

306-37 Constantine The Great. Dies in 337.

308-24 Licinius. Drinking companion of predecessor, Galerius. Defeated by Constantine. Executed.

337-40 Constantine II, co-emperor. Son of Constantine. Defeated by brother, Constans. Dies in 340.

337-50 Constans I, co-emperor. Son of Constantine. Dies in 350 in a war against Magnentius.

350-53 Magnentius, emperor in Britannia, Gaul and Hispania. Soldier. Defeated by Constantius.

337-61 Constantius II, co-emperor. Son of Constantine. Dies in 361.

361-63 Julian I (The Apostate). Killed in battle, perhaps assassinated.

363 Jovian. Soldier. Accidental death from sleeping in just-plastered room.

364-75 Valentinian. Soldier under Julian and Jovian. Dies of natural causes. 

364-78 Valens, co-emperor in the East. Brother of Valentinian. Killed by Goths.

367-83 Gratian, co-emperor in the West. Son of Valentinian. Assassinated

371-92 Valentinian II, co-emperor in the West from age 4. Son of Valentinian. Found hanged.

375-95 Theodosius the Great. Soldier. Dies at the age of forty-eight.

Western Emperors (395-475)

395-423 Honorius, emperor in the West. Son of Theodosius the Great. Dies of dropsy in 423 at thirty-eight.

421 Constantius III, co-emperor with Honorius. Soldier. Dies suddenly in 421.

425-455 Valentian III. Son of Constantius III. His mother is the daughter of Valentinian I. Dies at thirty-six in 455.

455 Petronius Maximus. Aristocrat and Senator. Dies 455 around the age of fifty-nine.

455-56 Avitus. Soldier. Defeated in civil war in 456.

457-61 Majorian. Soldier. Forced to resign in 461.

461-65 Libius Severus. Dies 465 age unknown.

467-72 Anthemius. Executed in 472 at fifty-two.

472 Olybrius. Last emperor of the house of Theodosius. Dies of natural causes.

473 Glycerius. Surrenders to Nepos and abdicates.

474-75 Julius Nepos. Named emperor by Emperor Leo of the East. Forced to flee in 475.

475 Orestes and son Romulus. Deposed by Roman general of German descent, Odoacer.

Eastern (Byzantine) Emperors (395-491)

395 Arcadius. Elder son of Theodosius the Great. Dies in 408 at the age of thirty.

408-50 Theodosius II. Son of Arcadius. Dies in 450, at forty-nine.

450 Marcian. Soldier, senator, marries sister of Theodosius II. Dies in 457 around the age of sixty-seven.

457-74 Leo I. Placed on the throne by Aspar the Alan. Dies at seventy-three.

474 Zeno. Soldier. Crowned by Leo I on February 9, 474.

475-76 Flavius Basiliscus. Soldier and brother of Zeno. Overthrown and executed by Zeno in 476)

476-91 Zeno restored. Dies in 491 at the age of 66.

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